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New temperature sensor UNIGAS 300

In our UNIGAS 300, a 5.8 mm PT500 temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature.

These sensors have proven to be very accurate. In combination with UNIGAS 300, an accuracy of <0.1% is achieved for the temperature range from -40° to +55°C.

We have made a number of improvements to the temperature sensor:

  1. The red silicone cable has been changed to black silicone cable. The red silicone cable contains fish oil which in practice sometimes resulted in infestation by rodents.
  2. The crimped seal of the silicone cable was improved from 1 groove to 3 grooves, improving the IP rating from IP65 to IP68.
  3. For each temperature sensor, the measured coefficients including cable resistance are displayed using a 2D barcode on a type label inextricably linked to the temperature sensor.

This change is recorded in our MID certificate (T10132R13) on page 2: Type: 61-63-D0-08X-XXX.

As this new sensor is a one-to-one replacement of the old sensor, no changes are made to article codes for the UNIGAS 300, the meter code remains unchanged and you can continue to order under the same article codes.

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