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CONNEXION V5.x modules

COMMUNICATOR is used for the synchronization of data between INSPECTOR, the various applications and the various Microsoft® Access databases. COMMUNICATOR can also be used for the synchronization of data between the business management system and the Kamstrup inspection system for pressure regulator stations.

DIAGNOSTICS is used by the office manager to import measurement data from the INSPECTOR PDA into a database and manage these data. The data can be processed into a trend graph that is displayed on the monitor and/or printed on a printer.

INSPECTOR is intended to be used by the inspector in the field. The software will guide the inspector through the mandatory procedure. The measuring data collected in the test are shown on screen on a real-time basis.

MANAGER is intended as a tool to organize the CONNEXION® software package and to deal with inspection procedures, pressure regulator station data and rejection boundaries.

RESULTS is used to select a gas pressure regulating station in a simple way and the visual and functional inspections that are carried out over time can be presented, printed and/or saved in an orderly way.

With the RESULTS module you can:

  • select a gas regulating station in a straightforward way;
  • search for a gas regulating station in a convenient way;
  • summarize the visual and functional inspections of a selected gas regulating station in an orderly way;
  • by means of a date range, analyze the functional inspection results;
  • show, print, or save the selected visual and functional inspections with the push of a button.



  • Designed to be used in combination with the PLEXOR® test device
  • Performs functional inspections (tests) in a highly automated way
  • Company-specific test and inspection procedures can be implemented
  • Provides a high degree of uniformity of inspections
  • Inspections are performed very efficiently
  • Operation-oriented structure
  • Smooth integration with management systems
  • XML file format
  • Realized interfaces with SAP, EnVIstOr NieGaTec, K3V BIK, Maximo, Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D, Asseco Berit LIDS and MainT
  • Suitable for Windows and MS Office 


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