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Plinacro visits Wigersma & Sikkema

On 23 and 24 April, Croatian TSO Plinacro, together with our distributor Macel Plin, visited Wigersma & Sikkema in Doesburg. The purpose of this visit was to gather more and detailed information regarding the PLEXOR system, for further and accelerated deployment of our system. One of the reasons why Plinacro wants to further deploy PLEXOR […]

Significant reduction in noise emissions after installation of silencer in RS350S DN80 PN16 gas pressure regulators

Noise emission is becoming an increasingly important criterion when selecting gas pressure regulators for installation in residential areas. This aspect is often specified in regulations, as for example in the TA-Lärm in Germany. See: A test recently carried out by Wigersma & Sikkema at ZVO Energie GmbH in Sierksdorf, Germany, addresses this important aspect. […]

New temperature sensor UNIGAS 300

In our UNIGAS 300, a 5.8 mm PT500 temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature. These sensors have proven to be very accurate. In combination with UNIGAS 300, an accuracy of <0.1% is achieved for the temperature range from -40° to +55°C. We have made a number of improvements to the temperature sensor: This […]

Introducing the 4-20mA module

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the 4-20mA module, developed entirely in-house at Wigersma & Sikkema. Both the hardware and software have been meticulously crafted by our own dedicated team of experts. This module represents a significant milestone for us as it is the first product based upon our own new “embedded framework” […]

Wigersma & Sikkema organizes 3rd bi-annual PLEXOR distributor meeting

On June 13, 14, and 15 the third bi-annual PLEXOR distributor meeting was organized at Wigersma & Sikkema in Doesburg. The meeting was originally planned to be held in 2021, but due to Covid-19, it was postponed to this year. Participants came from Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. The program consisted of a technical […]

RS350S gas pressure regulator now also available with adapters!

We have now added adapters to the delivery programme of the RS350S gas pressure regulator. With these adapters it is possible to easily replace other (old) regulators with a different inlet and outlet side (e.g. RMG 402 and 408) with the RS350S. Here are some possibilities (other lengths or sizes are available on request): As […]

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