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UNICOM 300 is a battery operated 2G/4G CAT 1 EU modem and datalogger designed for metering of gas consumption. It can be connected directly with an Electronic Volume Conversion Device like the UNIGAS 300 or with a gas meter. UNICOM 300 is designed for use inside the hazardous area and meets the demands of explosion safety. This means that the UNICOM 300 can be mounted directly on the gas meter. A standard external antenna is provided, other external antenna can be mounted with ease. UNICOM 300 is currently available in a battery powered version.

UNICOM 300 is designed for easy and fast installation and service with a minimum of tools and may be installed outdoors. UNICOM 300 is extremely well protected against corrosion through moisture with a patented Wigersma & Sikkema solution.

Special care is taken to ensure a long battery lifetime. UNICOM 300 will use the full battery capacity of the batteries. It is equipped with an intelligent modem scheduler which only powers the modem when needed for remote data communication. The internal NTP functions can be set to a dedicated NTP server in a dedicated APN. Secure time synchronization mechanisms make it possible to use UNICOM 300 for pure push use, extending the lifetime of the battery operation beyond 15 years. Depending upon use, a lifetime powering by batteries is possible, making UNICOM 300 a once to install device and a lifetime without service solution.

UNICOM 300 is capable of pulse counting of 2 inputs, readout of encoder including automatic initialization and B telegrams, storage of data (5 minute values are available for 155 days), reading of UNIGAS 300, communication via 2G and 4G which may be active simultaneously (including CSD, TCP, FTP and NTP services), 2 pulse outputs to deliver consumption information to the consumer of gas and a configurable scheduler.


  • Battery life time more than 15 years (depending from the readout frequency and battery package).
  • ATEX zone 0 approval, mounting in ATEX zone 2, 1,0 and the safe area.
  • Pure Push possible through NTP.
  • 2G/4G CAT1 EU frequencies modem.
  • Easy to install and prepared for flange or wall mounting.
  • Pulse outputs may be connected without additional EX safety interfacing when placed in ATEX zone 2 or the safe area.
  • No EX grounding necessary due to intrinsically safe circuits.
  • Compatible with Encoder of Itron, GWF, Elster, Dresser, FMG, GFO, Aerzen and RMG.
  • IP65, may be mounted outdoors.
  • Intrinsically safe circuits may be connected to equipment inside ATEX zone 0.
  • Communication IEC 62053-21, Modus C VDEW 2.0 Protocol. 

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